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Hello, I'm Fatty McTubTubs.

I just ate... like thirty gajillion pieces of candy. Now Nick's going to have to roll me out the door like Violet from Willy Wonka.

I'm surprised I'm even eating this much candy after spoiler from Supernatural last nightCollapse )

But Dean binging on candy made it all better. ^_^ And now I have indigestion like he did... :(

Ah! Who cares! CANDY.

Maybe I'll have a salad for dinner tonight...

Rocky Horror tonight!

Happy Halloween!


Supernatural - It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester - ReviewCollapse )


I had my first Supernatural dream last night! It was so awesome, to me anyway.

From what I can remember, I was with Sam and we were on the coast of some sort of New England beach. And there was a long sidewalk parallel to the water and these gigantor McMansions were behind us. So Sam was having these visions about... something. And he and I came upon this gate that he recognized and Dean was bringing up the rear with shotguns and rock salt. We talked for a bit, and it was all intense because we had to save... someone... somewhere.

And then I suddenly had a vision... and I was astrally-projected (?) to Union Station (the train station in Chicago) where there was a basketball tournament. And Zac Efron was there... And Jared and Jensen. Yes, I was with Sam and Dean, and then Jared and Jensen. And I played with them and used their shoulders as stepping stools to score because the hoops were like... 25 feet tall. CRAZY. But I woke up and was all WIN!

There was more to it, I remember. But I don't remember the exact details. But it was a good dream never the less.


Pushing Daisies - Dim Sum, Lose Some - ReviewCollapse )


Rocky Horror tomorrow!

I'm not really much of a Halloween person. I never truly got into it when I was little. Sure, I was a Power Ranger, and a Hogwarts student, and even Claire from Heroes way back when the show and I were on speaking terms...

But I'm not really into that whole idea of dressing up for the holiday. I mean, sure, there's candy! Yay! Don't get me wrong: I loves me some candy. But like I said, I'm not really a Halloween kinda gal.

It's an excuse though to go to Dominick's earlier today and buy Skittles and York Peppermint Patties. Hee! ^_^

But next week it's down to business! Training for... winter! Running, lifting, doing martial arts, the whole sh-bang. Woo hoo!



It's called Legend of the Seeker.

OMG YAYZ! I'm totally *glee* about it right now because it looks so good so far! Only the thirty-minute preview is available before the show's official premier, but those thirty minutes WERE AMAZING.

Can I has some Craig Horner plz?! Liek, nao?! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. *Phelps Phan* And he's Australian and an avid fan of soccer!!!! XD MEANING ACCENT AND A FOOT FAIRY.

Okay, so that picture isn't from the show... But STILL. You can't hold it against me, can you?

Now I know that it's not exactly my style to just jump into a series like this and be all OMG YAYZ. But, let's take a step back and analyze this for what it is:Collapse )

So there you go. Watch it. ^_^

HOLY CRAP: AND SAM RAIMI. As in Sam Raimi who directed Army of Darkness. As in Sam Raimi who did Spider-Man. Yeah, Executive Producer. *nods* Money in the bank.


I keep seeing people totally raving about last night's Heroes. But... I'm gonna be the Debbie Downer and say that I was actually not all that impressed with the episode. :\ Nothin' new to me. Usutu is still my favorite this season.Collapse )

So for what that's worth, now I will be strung up and then shot. Make sure to salt and burn my bones while you're at it or I will haunt your asses.


Nick is taking me to see Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday night. ^_^ It's at some theater downtown. I've never seen the movie, nor the performance, but I've heard a lot of good things about it so I'm going in with an open mind. ^_^

Have any of you seen it? And! Please tell me your Halloween plans, f-list! ^_^


Soul Eater, can you please be translated already?! *wibble*


Some videos courtesy of Geek Till Dawn.

Cracktastic. Love this video! XD

Lame Power Rangers

Pokémon Live!!!

McCain gets BarackRoll'd

Shingo Mama no Oha Rock! (I love to dance to this. XD)

Just a starter kit. ^_^


So I think I'll be hanging out with some JMAC people on Halloween. We're planning to go downtown to one of the dorms and invade the multimedia center for a movie night. Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Young Frankenstein, Sweeney Todd, and any other kind of movie we can think of.

I'm really considering to carve a pumpkin with the facade of Sam and Dean on it, but... I don't know where I would put it! :(

Yesterday at the meeting, we watched a Japanese film called Afterlife (Wandâfuru raifu). I really, really, really liked it. It's about a group of recently dead people who are guided by death counselors in to choosing a single memory they can take to the afterlife. It was really funny at parts, but it was also raw and poignant at times. I did not cry! v(^_^)

It was beautifully shot and had a fantastic screenplay. If you get a chance, definitely watch it!

I Geeked Till Dawn!

So I stayed up for about 30 hours yesterday/today! Yay me!

So I met up with about eight guys at the Student Center, took the El to downtown, and then went to the Communications building where the party was being held. Floor 2: Rock Band. Floor 7: Anime Viewing Room. Floor 9: Gaming. The rest of the building was free-reign! It started at 8 with the Halloween Costume Contest on Floor 9. Nick went as Bad Horse. Me and a few others did the song for him when he went on stage!

Then, I played Rock Band 2 for about six straight hours. I scored 100% on both Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" and The Who's "Baba O'Riley" back-to-back on the Hard level, so I feel pretty dang good about that! I sang "Still Alive" by GLADoS, and "Crushcrushcrush" from Paramore, "Don't Fear the Reaper" by BOC, "It Hurts" by Angels & Airwaves, "Psycho Killer" from Talking Heads, "All the Small Things" by Blink-182, and a few others I can't exactly remember right now. But yeah, guitar, bass and drums and singing... Dude, my voice was GONE by the end of the event.

Hee! And there was Jeff who went around on a rolling chair with his guitar to all of the levels via elevator and starting singing songs about things that he was seeing around the building. "Chris is sleepin' on the stairs: Boo-bee-doo." or "The raffle is going on upstairs! Ooh yeah..." "Why are you guys playing fake guitar when I'm playing real guitar?!"

To help with my energy level, I had a Baby Bottle Pop, which a lot of people surprisingly enough didn't know what it was! So I went around to the various floors and sang the commercial jingle whenever someone asked what I was eating. For shame, people! D:

Oh! But before any of this happened, Elaine and a few other girls jumped me and pigtailed me. So it was quite amusing. ^_^ And then we all went out to get food: Nick, me, Elaine and her boyfriend all did The Wizard of Oz skip down the street. And then it started raining/thundering/lightning! So we ran to Subway and grabbed our food.

Okay, so back to the night. We all watched a little montage of clips what makes a person an Otaku and some of the running inside jokes of the club. It was utterly hilarious. XD Then Nick and I watched some Supernatural. He's on "The Benders" so it was fun to watch it with a person who is just starting out in the show.

Then I knocked out for a half-hour when I watched Ghost Stories which is one of my favorite anime, yet I'd already seen it so many times before I felt that I didn't really need to watch. But then I went outside and met up with Julianne who is a huge SPN fan too! So we fangirled for a bit and she told me about how she met YED at Chicago Con '08. XD And she had met Jared and Jensen at a convention a few years ago.

Dang! I need to go to convention like... NOW.

And once it hit dawn, Nick and I bolted and took the train back to school and knocked out. It was a good day. ^_^ By the end of the event, I was pretty loopy. I don't function well when I'm deprived of sleep...

But now I'm tired again and I shall fall asleep some more!! 'Nighty, all!

Pictures should be up soon. ^_^

Geek 'Till Dawn

Tonight is Geek 'Till Dawn! It's downtown, so I'll be taking the El in a few hours. Currently... I'm doing laundry. ^_^

Basically, I'm going to be up all night playing Rock Band 2, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, watching anime, singing and dancing to musicals, and basically owning the entire building with our awesomeness.

It's a huge group get together for JMAC, DeFrag, and everyone else who wants to come for a good ol' night of being total geeks.

I've stocked up on Mountain Dew, Skittles, Milky Way, Baby Bottle Pops, and of course, the ultimate: GATORADE AND POP-TARTS. Oh ho ho, you bet I'm set!

From what I hear, it's wicked fun. Last year, however, the building's air was accidentally turned off so they actually had to evacuate because of the lack of oxygen! Crazy, right?

Pictures, mehbeh? Might have to gank other people's cameras for the night...


So I wore my hair down today. I straightened it and everything. I really like it down when the straightener I use actually works! I asked Courtney if I could use her's and it was PERFECT. So I think I just need to invest in one for my own whens he leaves at the end of the quarter.

I want to grow my hair out three more inches and I'll be set. ^_^

Oh and I got an A on Philosophy paper, so I'm just in a good mood all around!


So basically this made my day. ^_^ Only a matter of weeks until election day! I can't wait until it's over so everyone can stop bickering and fighting over friggin' bumper stickers. *shakes head in shame* Why can't we show support for one candidate without absolutely abhorring the other? Why?

But in the mean time: Watch this! :D

Talk to you tonight, maybes!

I can die happy.

Spoilers for Supernatural 4x06 "Yellow Fever"

Risin' up back on the street/ Did my time took my chancesCollapse )

Today at JMAC lunch, Stacey and I performed the song "What Is This Feeling?" from Wicked for everyone. I had the role of Elphaba. And yes, it was awesome.

I did not care one bit. ^_^

Tomorrow night is Geek Till Dawn. It shall be epic. *nods*

Oh! And I got an A on my midterm for Screenwriting! Go me! XD

*Ack pose*

Why can't he leave me alone?!

So Adam (the kid whom always likes to state his opinion and then totally contradict himself when I state mine) keeps texting me and leaving me messages on Facebook and popping up on AIM: "If you didn't have a boyfriend, would you consider going out with me?" "If I told you that you had a beautiful smile, would you think I was attractive?" "What would you say to me if you didn't have a boyfriend and I asked you out?"

... Yeah, I told him I'm already involved with someone. *snort* Okay, maybe that's a little mean, but seriously. Come on. He is not attractive to me. At all. And I don't know how to lay it down softly.

It's this creepiness/stalker attitude he's doing that is giving me the willies. I need to tell him to take a chill pill.

But my usual response is: "Gotta go to class, bye!" "*no reply*" or "You know, Facebook really isn't the best place to ask that kind of question..."

I know I should confront him, but I really don't like hurting people's feelings.

Help me, f-list? D:

Why can't I find a decent man?!


Heroes 3x06 Spoilers/Rant

Um... Excuse me?! (>_<)>Collapse )


Thank you for letting me rant, guys! ^_^ It was very helpful. If you have any more insight as to my comments, please let me know!

ION: I caught up with Soul Eater. And all I have to say is...


This show is amazing. Seriously, it shall replace my Heroes obsession until it can redeem itself... (correction: if Heroes can redeem itself).

So basically: Soul and Maka FOREVER.

Black Star is one of my favorites because of his total dorkiness. What is it with ninjas/assassins and bright colors? Naruto has a bright orange jumpsuit and Black Star has blue hair. *sigh* ^_^ I forgive them though.

And Death the Kid is just so awesome, even though he has severe OCD. It's amazing to watch him be so badass, and then be totally *DOOOOOOOM* when it comes to a picture-frame coming misaligned.

He can't even write his own name on a test!

Case in PointCollapse )

So I'm on episode 28, waiting for 29 to get subbed. And then 30 premiers on Monday, so I'll be anxiously waiting for it to get translated. *glee*

Heroes is dead to me. SOUL EATER FTW.

And thus my wall of awesomeness in my dorm expands... I love putting up more pictures. ^_^ Soul Eater, Naruto, and some more Supernatural pictures went up tonight.


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