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Dammit, Jim!

Guys! I'm applying to Starfleet! Come check it out! If you liked Hogwarts Elite, you'll definitely like this. Shout out to, rotae! Thanks for introducing me to the site.


Here's the link. Otherwise, I'll post an update about school and stuff later. But right now I gotta go to an RA meeting! Bye! Bye bye bye!

Wish me luck!


Wish me luck!

I'm applying to sorting_elite to be Sorted.

I heard it's really hard, but I'll do my best!

Wish me luck! ^_^

Friends Only!

Chiyo-chan is sad for you!

She is sad that you are not my friend.

And you can only lurk this far...


It's only dirty if you make it dirty...

Um... I couldn't contain my laughter. XD Seriously, I almost exploded trying to hold it. Courtney is on the phone and I don't want to disturb anyone with my obnoxious giggling, so I clamped my hand over my mouth and shoved my face into my pillow. :D

It's only dirty if you make it dirty... Thank you The Soup! XD

*snort* Vic. How I love your voice. Even though you were only in this clip for like... 20 seconds. ^_^

And next is the Tiddy Bear! Just say it out loud...


In other news:

Nick, Natali and I had another musical day. Sometimes Pierre would join in, and I tried to get Peter to do it too but he only asked that we sing "Reflection" for him. ^_^

So yeah. Nick and I did an awesome version of "My Eyes" from Dr. Horrible. Um, yes. It was awesome. We harmonized and everything. I think we should get it on tape sometime. ^_^

One of the best was "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, too. That was fun. :D

Oh ho ho, *knee slap* Soul Eater. When will you stop being so epic? ^_^

Quote of the Day (QOTD): "The puppies are telling me to fail finals and kill EVERYONE. D8 " - Nick, about the Puppy Cam.


Eeeee!! I voted! I'm so happy! :D

And it only took 10 minutes. ^_^

One More Day! One More Day!

So I've got it all worked out for tomorrow.

7AM: I'm going to vote.

Later: Hang out around campus for some free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and hang out with Nick, Stacy, Chevvy and the rest of the group.

5PM: Go downtown and meet up with Cal! :D (You know, Cal who I went out with over the summer and saw Wall•E with?! ^_^) We're meeting at his dorm and then walking to the Obama rally where he can get us into General Admission! XD

Adam (the creeper) messaged on Facebook saying that he had three extra tickets to get in. So I begged and pleaded with him for me to buy them from him, because, for one, he's not even an Obama supporter! But he kept dangling it in front of me with coy messages and finally texted me saying: "I don't know if I want to give them to you. My uncle says that the police are going to be there with mace and riot shields. I wouldn't want to put you in harm's way."

I stared at it like, Are you freaking kidding me?! So I texted him back saying, "I'll take my chances. It'll definitely make for a more interesting story. And I will pay you for your tickets!"

He never responded back. >.<

But then Cal called me and said that he is friends with a guy who knows how to get us in. XD So I'm meeting him at five with Nick and anyone else who wants to come. And it shall be an adventure. ^_^

I bought a new camera today. "Every shot is a PowerShot." Thank you, Marie Sharapova. ^_^ It's blue. AND SO AWESOME. I've been playing with it all day.

So I'm bringing that tomorrow and I promise to post pictures of all of the epicness. I bet I'll see a lot of really cool people and hopefully get some neat night shots. :D

One More Day! One More Day!

I'm excited and nervous at the same time! :)

Thanks to all of you who have been putting up with my posts these last few days. ^_^ Seeing comments always make my day. I<3U ALL. *hugs*

Sorry for spamming your f-lists with more politics. :\ I apologize.


Chocolate will satisfy the Mad Cow

I never thought I would get to this point, but I have.

I'm getting really, really tired of Courtney and my suitemates.

It's frustrating with Courtney. I try to invite her out to hang with some of my friends but she prefers to stay in the dorm 24/7 and only leaves for classes. All she does is talk to her friends on Facebook and bitch about how "retarded" and "gay" things are. (If there are three words I hate most, those are top two.) Admittedly, and I feel bad saying this, but I'm kind of relieved that she is leaving after the quarter because she really is a Debbie Downer all the time.

Jess and Liz are another story. They like to have a little too much fun. I hear the same 10 songs booming from their room at midnight and launching when they come home piss drunk at 4 in the morning. They like to leave all of their make-up all over the sink: lip-stick smears, blush powder, mascara tubes in the sink, etc etc... Seriously, it's covered. I usually have to move a few things for me to even function. One of the worst is - Okay, wait lemme back up and explain.

I let everyone use my hand towels after they wash up from the bathroom. They're blue and cute and I really like them! Yay!

One of the girls used my hand towel as a make-up remover. So now there is eyeliner, foundation, and mascara (and mint toothpaste, I think) staining the majority fabric on both sides. *twitch* So now it's a hassle for me to treat and wash because it's one of those water-proof sets so it's not coming out easily!



It's bad enough that I have to clean the bathroom every other day, take out the trash that is almost always overflowing, clear the sink drain of macaroni noodles they thought would wash down, buy all the toilet paper, and trip over their hair straightener cords... DAUGH!

*deep breath*

Okay, whoa. I'm PMSing like BIG TIME. I really shouldn't be bad mouthing them and instead talking to them.

*stuffs face with chocolate*

Help, please, f-list. What advice would you give to a girl who is too nervous to cause conflict and is PMSing to the point where she may just snap?

Thank you all for your comments in the previous post. ^_^ Total mood change, eh?
I'm trying to figure out how to see Obama on Tuesday at his election night rally in downtown Grant Park.

But sources aren't giving me a solid answer as to how to do it. Some are saying that the event is open to the general public, but people with tickets are going to get priority seating. Then others are saying that you need a ticket to even get into the park. :\

Either way, I'm going. Even though they sold out on tickets a week ago, I will march down there and celebrate with all the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who couldn't get a ticket either! :D

It will be a great experience nevertheless.

After I get up at 7.30 to vote on Tuesday, I'm heading straight down there. Nick and Cal are planning to go too, so I'll meet up with them.

So if I don't get in, I'll probably find a party where others are celebrating. And if I do get in, it will be ten times more excellent! I'm going to buy a camera tomorrow anyway, so I can have pictures. XD

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, or jinx it or anything *knocks on wood/head* but this will be history in the making. :D

What are you doing on November 4th, f-list? ^_^

Oh, bee tee dubs: Happy Mary Winchester Memorial Day. Oh yeah, and Jessica Moore Memorial Day.

I just had the weirdest night OF MY LIFE.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Standing in line, Tony and Ben got marked as virgins with lip-stick by one of the actors coming around to find people who had never seen it before. I avoided being targeted because she turned to me and stared into my eyes and said, "Nope! This one's been touched! I can see it!" I laughed and asked, "You think?" And she squinted into my eyes again and said, "Yeep!" And left.

Since maybe my mom and my aunt were so into it in college, it kind of passed on through my lineage. Yay for not being marked a virgin!

We got into the theater, I got my little prop bag. And we proceeded into our seats. Everyone was piss drunk and probably a little high, so people are dancing to "Rock Lobster" and the like. Then Jamesha and Ben were called up to the front for a dance contest. They won second place. ^_^

May not exactly be appropriate for children under the age of 13...Collapse )

The show started. What happens is they play the movie on this giant television screen and then there are "actors" in front of it who basically act out the entire movie in live action. Truth be told... they all were kinda bad. I mean, I give them props for getting up on stage and doing all of that, but it was almost painful to watch any kind of acting. It was kind of like a bunch of your friends decided to do a lame youtube video.

Another: May not exactly be appropriate for children...Collapse )

Simon Pegg's expression was pretty much me during the end of the performance. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. Aliens? Aliens? I feel like it's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull all over again...

But we got to throw paper plates, toss playing cards, chuck confetti, pop balloons, put on party hats and throw toilet paper into the air whenever a certain line was said or a particular action was made. My favorite was the toilet paper. In the movie, a guy busted in through a wall and The Hero exclaims, "GREAT SCOTT!" So, you toss Scott toilet paper in the air. That was a lot of fun. ^_^

Umm... that was pretty much it. Crack movie, crack performance, and way too late at night for me to fully understand what I had just gotten myself into. We got out at three and had to walk about a mile to get to the El station that was still open at that time. And that El ride was the most memorable and disgusting trip I've ever been on!

People were so piss drunk, they were seriously throwing up on the train. Meghan jumped up to her feet when the guy sitting behind her tossed his dinner. Thank God it was only a three stop wait.

I got home and seriously felt like I needed to take a shower. So I did.

All in all, it was an experience. I had an open mind, and was pretty much... Yeah, I totally didn't expect what would have happened. But I need to make a phonecall to my mother asking her what kind of college experience she really had.

I'm glad I went though! ^_^


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